Services and Resources for Museums and Private Collectors


Valarie J. Kinkade, Principal

Woman using magnifying glass to examine a door

Valarie founded Museum and Collector Resource in 1996 after a productive 15-year career in collections, curating, and administration at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, several house museums including a Frank Lloyd Wright house, the U.S. Coast Guard Museum, and the Massachusetts Museum of Transportation.

Leah Wolf Whitehead, Consulting Registrar

Woman cleaning an antique door with a brush and vacuum

Leah previously worked as Collections Manager for the Peabody Museum at Harvard University and as a textile restoration specialist for Museum Textile Services. Since joining MCR in 2010, Leah has managed multiple inventory and cataloging projects and acted as MCR's Temporary Registrar for the MIT Museum.

Liz Holbrook, Consulting Registrar

Woman examining an antique map with a magnifying glass

Liz left the business sector and joined MCR in 2012 after completing a museum studies certificate at Tufts University. One of her specialties is works on paper - Liz has recently completed an MCR project for the Boston Public Library inventorying and condition reporting a large collection of such works prior to being loaned to the MFA, Boston.

Katie Quinn, Assistant Registrar

Woman on a ladder in front of a shelving unit pulling out an archives box from a shelf

Katie joined MCR's staff after a fruitful internship with the company for the Tufts University museum studies certificate program in 2015. Since then she has worked on a variety of projects, including cataloging and inventorying,  archival arrangement, and collection storage organization. She recently led a project for Boston's Museum of African American History, and has worked on multiple collection moves.

Collins Warren, Assistant Registrar

Woman packing a wrapped frame into a box

Collins joined MCR in 2016 after completing an M.A. in history and museum studies at Tufts University. She has worked on many collection moves for clients such as the Perot Collection in Texas and the Martha's Vineyard Museum. She recently acted as MCR's project manager for a successful multi-month packing and moving project for the Bostonian Society's collection at the Old State House in downtown Boston.

Mary Pfeifer, Consulting Curator/Appraiser


Mary has worked with MCR since 2010 on projects such as the Edward M. Kennedy Institute and the Perot Collection. Mary is currently consulting for MCR in New York City.